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Dubai Qualities launches Lifestyle Village condo sales

Dubai Qualities (DP) stated on Monday it has released sales associated with its luxurious residential improvement ManazelAlKhor, a part of its Lifestyle Village task. dubai properties for rent
Initially introduced in Oct, ManazelAlKhor is found in DPG’s creek-side Lifestyle Village location, offering 3 and 4 bedroom luxurious apartments as well as completion is actually slated with regard to mid-2016, the organization said.
Private sales from the 76-unit low-rise development is going to be handled through DP’s main sales centre running a business Bay, it added inside a statement.
ManazelAlKhor may join many other luxury home and food projects below construction by 3rd party developers within Culture Town, including the actual luxurious six-star Palazzo Versace Resort and D1 Home Tower.
Looking over the historical Dubai Creek, the posh residential task aims to remain true in order to traditional Persia themes and can feature nearby architecture, along with shared features including the gym as well as pool.
Talking about the task, Khalid Ing Malik, Team CEO associated with Dubai Qualities Group, the actual parent organization of DP, stated: “Due in order to its perfect location within the heart associated with Culture Town, traditional Persia theme as well as waterside residing experience, we tend to be confident ManazelAlKhor will end up being an appealing investment with regard to local, local and worldwide buyers.
“ManazelAlKhor is really a unique luxurious development that will cater towards the strong demand we’re seeing with regard to spacious, nicely located homes offering waterside sights. ”
Culture Village would be the city’s very first creek-side improvement with home, commercial, list, entertainment as well as cultural elements, attracting each international as well as regional site visitors.
ManazelAlKhor may feature 3. 8km associated with promenade paths and landscaped functions, a traditional-style souk as well as mixed make use of complex overlooking an interior canal, along with a centrally situated marina along with mooring as well as access factors.
Dubai Qualities said it’s appointed service provider Sun Engineering to take care of the task.

How to Boost Your Trade Business Profits In the New Year

The end of the year is a great time for reflection and evaluation before the start of the New Year. For small businesses, it’s also a great time to look back on the year that’s past and evaluate the progress of one’s business to look at what has worked and what hasn’t over the past year, and what has turned into profits and what has turned into losses. Losing small change on job after job can add up to thousands of dollars at the end of the year, so it’s important to look back and assess, in order to transform your business into a more streamlined source of profit in the New Year.

Get Costs under Control

Most trades’ business underestimate on costs, and this really ends up causing them to lose money and profits in the long term. For example, if your profit margin is 5%, not an uncommon margin for small businesses who want to stay competitive, you don’t have a lot of ‘wriggle room’ if your costs increase and this just results in lost profits. Of course, you could increase your prices to increase your profits, but this often produces fear in business owners of a competitor swooping in and stealing your customer base. If you cut your costs by 5%, you double your profits – an amazing result from a relatively easy change. On the other hand, to double profits through increased sales, you would have to increase numbers of sales or prices by 100%, a much more daunting prospect.

Getting costs under control means being organised, which certainly can be a challenge for many small business owners, who are often caught between trying to work on the jobs, schedule crews or doing work tasks, there’s often no enough time to focus on finances, financial tools and strategies that can really make the difference for your business. One key step that can instantly save you time on jobs and money on losses is acquiring accurate and fast estimating software that will revolutionise your approach to business.

Estimating software has the advantage of reducing labour costs and time for estimating jobs, and can be more accurate in giving a truer reflection of your costs or each job that will help you not only factor these into the price you charge, but also help you reduce unnecessary costs where possible.

Charge for Changes

The nature of trade or construction work means that it often includes changes to the original job plans or goals. This can involve additional or changed scope, price, time, schedule, terms, or work item on a construction project. Most often they require additional money for the additional work required by the change. However, with a construction of repair job, this extra changes can slip through the cracks and not be charged for, meaning you lose money on the change. When the customer asks for a change, it’s important to get it writing, signed and charged for – and it’s important for all the members of your staff to know that too.

Once a change is underway or done, it’s too late, so it’s important to take care of beforehand. The customer has a right to refuse to pay for changes they didn’t agree to or acknowledge in writing before the change was done, so it’s important to stay on top of any changes and make sure all your workers know what to do as well.

Prioritise Safety

Not only is a safe workplace good for you and your workers, research has shown that a safe workplace is a more profitable workplace, where workers can feel secure and be more efficient. While many people may not consider safety and profits to be two concepts that work together in construction and trades, the fact is that safe workers are happier and can work faster and more efficiently according to pre-determined guidelines, which streamlines the job and reduces injuries. Implementing safety measures, procedures and protocols is also fairly low cost, meaning you don’t have to expend money to get a good return and making workplace safety a cost effective measure.

Author Bio: Cara is a writer, blogger and reviewer, specialising in transforming accurate research into exciting writing. Originally from Sydney, Australia, she now travels the world seeking fun and adventure.

5 Important Things To Consider When Beginning Construction

Whether you’re an owner, owner-builder or a contractor, there are a number of considerations that need to be taken before construction starts. Constructing a new building, renovating an existing building or adding rooms to an existing building takes a lot of time, money and work, and it’s important to be prepared before you start. Each year many people lose thousands of dollars not being adequately prepared for their construction work and end up with a building they’re not fully happy with. Taking a few steps before starting construction can help to avoid this scenario, and so spend the time to make these considerations and plan ahead.

You Can’t Be Too Prepared

The key to conducting anything correctly, including construction work is planning, planning, planning. Constructing a new building or renovating an old building is a huge project that involves a large amount of money, time and work invested. Being prepared is the key to not allowing the cost in terms of time or money getting out of hand. Planning out the construction work that is to be done, and accurately estimating costs is an important aspect of this process.

Costs involved in building the house include everything from making the plans, getting permits, doing the construction, plumbing and electrical, all the way to inspection and construction site cleaning at the end of the project. Enlisting professional assistance for many of these aspects helps to save you time and money on the building project when planned for and organised correctly.

What Are You Working With?

To bring your current space or structures to the final product that you are aiming for, you have to start out with knowing what you’re working with, in order to know what you need to do to get there. Look at the condition of the space you are building on, or the existing buildings you are working with, in order to better estimate the final cost of additions as well as repairs.

Knowing what you are working with to start out with helps to make your cost estimation and planning process more streamlined and effective.

Crunch the Numbers

Now it’s time to get down to business in terms of really figuring out the costs of your construction. Have the building plans drawn up and get an estimate of the budget required to build, based on building materials, labour, finishing as well as plumbing and electrical and everything else you need. If you aren’t building yourself, choosing the right builder or contractor can really help you to get a good idea of the total cost of construction, in order to budget properly.

Remember to factor in an extra 10-20% of the budget for extra unforeseen costs and changes, because no matter how well you plan, there will always be changes.

Build With Resale in Mind

While you might really want specific changes, additions or features in your home that are perfect for you or your family, it’s well worth having a realtor or architect look over your final building plans to assess the appeal of your design for resale value in the future.

Don’t overprice your home for the neighbourhood, but don’t build too cheaply either just because you’re willing to live with it. You have to ask yourself what is likely to appeal to the average buyer that you want in your home too, and what just might not appeal to anyone else.

Keep It Green

Keep in mind that being more environmentally friendly and sustainable helps the environment, is a priority for new home buyers and saves you money on water and energy cost in the long term. Choosing energy efficient appliances, properly insulating and sealing your home, and designing your home to maximize sun exposure and minimise heat loss (or gain depending on your climate) and important considerations.

Saving water, electricity and gas not only prevents wastage of these precious assets, it also helps you to save a lot of money on these utilities. New home buyers are increasingly on the look out for energy efficient houses as it means they can save money as well.

With these tips you can ensure you are well prepared before beginning construction, allowing for a smoother and simpler construction process.

Author Bio: Cara is a writer, blogger and reviewer, specialising in transforming accurate research into exciting writing. Originally from Sydney, Australia, she now travels the world seeking fun and adventure.