As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your company has a good reputation.

This can only be achieved if people are aware of your company and your product. What’s the easiest way to do that? Simple, it’s SIGNS.

Every day the average person is exposed to over 5,000 advertisements, including signs. That’s a lot of signage to compete with, but imagine if you didn’t advertise your business. Customers would have no idea it existed! With the right placement and information you can easily make your sign stand out from the rest and get your company out there. In fact some studies suggest that 50% of new customers claimed they learned about a business thanks to outdoor signage and the next largest portion of new customers came from word of mouth! Just goes to show if you have a great sign and great product, you’re bound to have a successful business!


Studies suggest that adding or changing a sign on average directly increases sales 7-15% depending on the industry you are in. If you think about it, most customers live within a 5-10 mile radius of you and probably drive past your business every day. Chances are they have come so visually accustom to seeing your sign, or lack thereof and unintentionally ignore it. However, if you add a fancy new sign out front, it is likely to grab their attention and bring in those who perhaps didn’t know you were there or just simply forget!

Now anyone can make sign. Crafting is all the rage and everyone seems to own a decal cutter these days or know someone who does. But there’s more to a sign than just your name and number. Be sure to find someone in your area who has been around for a while. Chances are they know what signs do and do not work in your area. Also, they know what looks best and what is more likely to draw in customers for your business. There are actually multiple studies that have been conducted analyzing the connection between colors and peoples shopping tendencies. Why do you think so many restaurants use red in their signs? It’s because it makes you hungry! Take a look at some of these studies or just look up “psychology of color” and you’ll be sure to find some infographics that ‘ll help you determine what is best for your business.

Finally, be sure to pick the right type of sign for your business. There are TONS of options out there from steel to wood and everything in between. Plus there are more permanent options such as the steel signs or LED marquees to simpler signs like vinyl banners that can easily be moved around.

Always ask a professional if you aren’t sure of what you’re looking for. They’ll be happy to help and in no time you’ll have a great sign that brings in the customers for years to come!

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