How to Convert Business Videos and Improve Them

Considering how widely used videos are in businesses nowadays, it would be beneficial to know how to convert and improve your videos. By converting your videos you’ll be able to make sure they are compatible with various devices, and you could also improve them in other ways to enhance their appearance or extract certain segments that are necessary for a particular task.


The one thing that you need to pull all that off is Movavi Video Converter. Considering its name, it goes without saying that it is a video converter – but in actual fact it is much more than that.


When you start to use Movavi Video Converter, you’ll be able to easily convert videos between different formats, and also do the same for audio and image files too. The software supports over 140 different media formats, so you should definitely be able to find what you need.


Of course not everyone has a thorough knowledge of video formats and settings – which is where the presets in Movavi Video Converter will come in handy. Using these presets you will be able to automatically optimize the format and settings for any device or platform.


To sweeten the pot even further, Movavi Video Converter has numerous other features – some of which include:


  • Cutting and combining video segments as required to remove footage that isn’t needed or merge clips together.
  • Creating animated GIFs out of video segments and clips.
  • Extracting the audio tracks from videos.
  • Enhancing the video quality either manually or automatically.
  • Cropping and rotating the frame and orientation of the video.
  • Adding text and customizing its appearance to create unique captions or watermarks.
  • Grabbing screenshots directly from individual video frames.


The potential list of things that you could do with the help of these features is really what makes Movavi Video Converter such an essential software for any business. Because of the fact that it is so intuitive and easy to use, anyone at all will be able to pick it up and start using it without requiring any training or prior experience.